Physio Massage

Physio massage

At PHPC we offer expert soft tissue work including massage and dry needling to enhance your sporting performance. If you’re in need of some regular treatment and are looking for a skilled physiotherapist that can get “the spots” then try our Keep me Going package. Here you will experience skilled assessment and treatment of the most pressing niggles and ways to navigate the path back to getting the most out of your body. When the niggles are sorted, we can work deeper to help you be at your best and maintain your optimal wellbeing. A great value package designed to Keep You Going!


Triathlons require athletes to have a high level of fitness and endurance, to perform over the swim, bike and run legs in succession. Physiotherapy can play an important role in helping triathletes prepare for these events, optimise performance and recover afterwards.

Ways that PHPC can help with triathlon performance before, during and after your race or sustained training block.

Injury Prevention

We can help prevent injuries by addressing muscle imbalances, improving flexibility and mobility, and identifying areas of weakness. By working with a skilled physiotherapist clients can optimise their training plans to incorporate essential preparation or recovery treatments.


In the event of an injury, physiotherapy can help triathletes recover quickly and safely. We can use a variety of techniques, such as manual therapy, advanced dry needling, massage and targeted exercises to help speed up the healing process and prevent further injury.

Performance Optimisation

We can help triathletes optimise their performance by identifying areas of weakness and developing strategies to improve performance. By analysing movement patterns and muscle function, our physiotherapists have the experience to improve triathlete’s technique and reduce the risk of injury.

Individualised Treatment

Physiotherapy is a personalised form of healthcare. Each triathlete’s treatment plan is tailored to their individual needs and goals. By working closely with the triathlete, we can develop a treatment plan that addresses their specific concerns and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

Endurance Training

Endurance training is an important component of triathlon training. We have lived and learned experience to assist triathletes to develop an endurance training plan that improves cardiovascular fitness, builds muscular endurance, and reduces the risk of injury.

Recovery Strategies

Recovery is an important part of triathlon training. We can help triathletes develop recovery strategies that reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, enhance overall recovery and help you get back out there to enjoy your sport!