Headache and Migraine Treatment in Perth

The Watson Headache® Technique

The Watson Headache® Techqniue is the only hands-on technique specifically for treating headache and migraine. Scientifically proven to address the underlying cause of headache and migraine – A overactive headache centre (lower brainstem). 

The Watson Headache® Technique is a drug-free, manual therapy approach that focuses on the assessment and treatment of headache and migraine that are caused by cervical spine (neck) disorders. The technique is based on the evidence that headache and migraine can be caused by irritation of the upper cervical spine, specifically the upper three vertebrae and associated muscles. 

By identifying and treating the underlying dysfunction in the headache centre, the technique aims to reduce the frequency, intensity, duration or response to medication. 

This happens in over 70% of people who have a relevant neck disorder!

Conditions we treat

Migraine with aura (eye symptoms)
Menstrual Migraine
Vestibular Migraine
Tension Headache
Cervicogenic Headache (neck-related head pain)
Cluster Headache 

and other related symptoms like heaviness/brain fog, eye pain, stabbing sensations….

What to expect

The first step in the Watson Headache® Technique is the assessment. During this stage a thorough history and evaluation of the client’s cervical spine (neck) is performed. An individualised treatment plan is then created for the client. This plan often includes a combination of manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilisation and soft tissue massage, as well as exercises to improve posture, strengthen the neck muscles and improve range of motion. 

The Watson Headache® approach has been shown to be effective in the management and headaches and migraines. Clinical experience has demonstrated the life changing impact this approach can have on our client’s lives. The greatest change is witnessing a client start to gain control over the headache or migraine and being able to live a more active and engaged life.

A study published in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy found that patients who received the Watson Headache® treatment had a significant reduction in the headache frequency, intensity, and duration compared to those who received the standard physiotherapy treatments.

Want to see if we can reduce your symptoms frequency, severity, duration or reaction to medication? Book an initial head pain consultation to find out what this approach can achieve for you.